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Bug#155680: PROPOSAL ] bump priority of window managers which support WMSP

On Wed, 2002-08-07 at 13:44, Chris Waters wrote:

> Hmm, 30 points is a lot.  

Yeah, I realized that right after submitting the bug.  I agree; let's
make it 20.

> I definitely have mixed feelings about this whole thing.  I'd like
> gnome to work hassle-free out of the box, but I'd also like to have
> the *best* window manager be default, even for our users that don't
> use gnome.

Well, again, people who want a specific WM have the ability to frob
~/.xsession.  Besides, I don't think we could even attempt to define
what is "*best*" in a window manager; at this point, there are probably
more window managers out there than there are GNU/Linux users.  Our
overriding goal should be to have a WM which at least functions somewhat
acceptably in the largest possible number of situations as the default
for x-window-manager.  KDE and GNOME make up a very significant portion
of today's situations.

It's not like I'm proposing "Add 20 points if the WM includes a
multithreaded Lisp interpreter, animated titlebars with cute little
Debian swirls, and 32768 virtual desktops."

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