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Re: Bug#155680: [ PROPOSAL ] bump priority of window managers wh

On 07-Aug-2002 Jérôme Marant wrote:
> "Sean 'Shaleh' Perry" <shalehperry@attbi.com> writes:
>>>   Actually, I would do the contrary, because since it aims at supporting
>>>   kde and gnome, it does not enhance your system but it rather bloats
>>>   it. So instead of being a plus, it is a minus ;-)
>>>   So every wm that does not support kde and gnome should have a higher
>>>   priority ;-)
>> I was trying to be polite in my responses (-:
> Do you mean that I haven't been polite so far?

I meant I was refraining from using the word "bloat".

>> There needs to be a distinction made between "I want all of the GNOME/KDE
>> apps
>> running" and "I want konqueror/koffice/whatever".  The second item does not
>> require any real support from the wm.
> AFAIK, one can run a KDE or GNOME app without any support from the wm,
> am I wrong? 

It will mostly work.  For instance with KDE apps if you try to print it tries
to place a panel applet controlling the print process.  Since there is no panel
running the window gets managed by the wm and looks odd.  Minor issues.  The wm
may not support the exact decor the user is expecting due to the new hints in
the netwm spec for window type.

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