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Re: Bug#155680: [ PROPOSAL ] bump priority of window managers wh

"Sean 'Shaleh' Perry" <shalehperry@attbi.com> writes:

>>   Actually, I would do the contrary, because since it aims at supporting
>>   kde and gnome, it does not enhance your system but it rather bloats
>>   it. So instead of being a plus, it is a minus ;-)
>>   So every wm that does not support kde and gnome should have a higher
>>   priority ;-)
> I was trying to be polite in my responses (-:

Do you mean that I haven't been polite so far?

> note twm works just fine with GNOME with 3 major caveats:
> 1) no panel (and thus no applets)
> 2) no pager, but since twm lacks virtual desks anyway this is no problem
> 3) no desktop icons
> I use several KDE apps every day under blackbox (which is also not netwm
> compliant yet).

Same thing here with icewm.

> There needs to be a distinction made between "I want all of the GNOME/KDE apps
> running" and "I want konqueror/koffice/whatever".  The second item does not
> require any real support from the wm.

AFAIK, one can run a KDE or GNOME app without any support from the wm,
am I wrong? 

Jérôme Marant


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