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Re: The Serious severity

On Sat, May 04, 2002 at 06:34:32PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> Think about it for a while from any perspective but a hurd hacker's for
> heavens sake. 

I have thought about it from all perspectives, from the release managers
perspective specifically.

> Think about what should get the highest priority right now,

I don't care about now, I care about the next release, or the release
after that.  I care about the future of Debians infrastructure.
If you only have time for current issues, but not for future
improvements, I understand that.  But please don't confuse the two

> Think about how much time I can possibly
> devote to your whims about the BTS considering the various other things
> I can devote my time too. 

I am valueing everyones time equally high.
You could have answered my questions on the technical aspects of the
issue in less time than writing your rant.

> Think about whether anyone else at all can
> or will do anything about them.

Well, I do.  Obviously, other people are interested, too, as there are by
now several threads on at least two mailing lists about this issue.
If you don't have time to discuss it now, but want to discuss it later,
why don't you just say so?  Or if you don't want to discuss it later,
why should it matter if you have time or not?

> Think about the sort of ratio of effort
> that's reasonable to put into doing things versus justifying why they're
> done this way.

I udnerstand why things are done the way they are right now.  I want to
understand why you think it is not possible to improve them in the specific
way I proposed.

> Think about whether there's any real practical benefit
> to insisting on someone else doing things the way you want, rather than
> you just hacking around the problem yourself and getting stuff done.

I am insisting on someone else doing things the way I want?
Is this your attitude towards me reporting a problem in the process,
offering a specific technical proposal to fix it, and offering my help
in implementing this proposal?  If this is your interpretation of what I
am trying to do here, I am surely wasting my time.

And here I am, thinking it is better to improve Debian's infrastructure
and software base, so that we all can cooperate better.  I must be surely
naive, thinking that this is one of our goals.

If you ever wonder again why nobody is offering help on some problem,
you now know why.  It's because you are not treating problem reports
seriously, but instead kill the messenger.  Of course there are
priorities.  But if it is not anybodies priority, they could just ignore
it or say so, there is no need to take it up at the personal level.

> aj, who wishes he'd remember that he'd given up on transparency already

No harm done.  At the technical level, you succeeded to remain entirely


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