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Bug#91257: re-proposing this

* Sam TH <sam@uchicago.edu> [010507 00:11]:
> I've never seen AbiWord work over remote X if the fonts weren't
> installed in *both* locations.  Thus, AbiWord installs on a machine
> without the fonts are *not useful* *at all*.  

Sam, please don't take offense at this: the way I see it, if <program>
cannot function normally under circumstances that most X clients won't
even notice, I tend to think <program> is broken.

Taking Branden's proposal entirely in the abstract, it is simply
codifying the way X was designed to run. Anything against this *is* a
bug, because it is not keeping with the network transparency of X.

However, if the AbiWord developers don't figure they will get around to
fixing AbiWord any time soon, it sure would be a shame to keep AbiWord
out of the distribution. Branden, would you have great compunction
against making your current "must" a "should"?

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