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Re: [PROPOSAL] Allowing crypto in the main archive

* Arthur Korn <arthur@korn.ch> [010128 03:48]:
> Shure the US is getting preferential treatment. Would you ever
> bother to set up master in, say, Iran and have to maintain a
> second master even though everything could be put onto the
> second master in the first place?

I would guess a large part of Debian's users are located in the US.
Debian already accounts for a huge amount of traffic on the internet; if
Debian were to move servers to another country, as sensible as it may be
in terms of politics, the dent Debian would make to the international
traffic of octets would be .. enormous.

How many octets do Debian servers currently pass out each day, handling
apt-get upgrades? (I know I account for several hundred megs every few
days; I've even asked the apt team to consider using rsync or some other
binary-diff method so that the 200 changed octets in the X packages don't
require 10 megaoctets of downloads. The apt team was less than thrilled
to hear this suggestion without a patch in hand. :)

No, moving the main server to some other country would just strain the
poor intercontinental links all the more, as nice a political statement
as it would make.

(I would be interested in hearing information of the sort, ``debian
users account for x% of all internet traffic, of which y% is *not*
related to pr0nography. :)

``Oh Lord; Ooh you are so big; So absolutely huge; Gosh we're all
really impressed down here, I can tell you.''

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