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Re: [PROPOSAL] Origin and Bugs support

Previously Itai Zukerman wrote:
> Your assertion is, I think, something along the lines of, "What if I
> don't have access to the Foo origin data?"  My response to that is,
> "Well, where did you get the package with origin Foo?  You should be
> able to get the Foo origin file from the same place."

So what if a friend gives me a floppy with a package and I have no
idea where it comes from and only email net access? That does happen.
Think of getting an Oracle CD with debs on it that you can't get
from the net, where do you get the package containing the origin from
then? The whole idea is that a deb is self-contained and doesn't rely
on you needing anything else.

> Do you mean, using Debian .debs on non-Debian systems?



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