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[PROPOSAL] Origin and Bugs support

Package: debian-policy
Severity: normal

Now that dpkg 1.7 has hit unstable and the first bugreporting tool
(reportbug) supports it I figured it was time to get this into

The basic idea of this is to have a way for packages to state
where they are coming from, and where bugreports for them should
be sent to. To do this two new tags are introduced in the control
file: Bugs and Origin.

Bugs indicate where bugreports should be sent to, and if supported
how bug information can be retrieved. The value of this field is
a URL, where the scheme indicated the type of BTS used and the
hostname tells where the BTS is hosted. Currently defined schemes
* debbugs (for example debbugs://bugs.debian/org )
  debbugs BTS as used by Debian and others. Bugs are submitted to
  submit@<hostname> using Package, Version and Severity pseudo
  headers. Bugreports can be viewed via http://<hostname>/<package>
* mailto (for example mailto:strace-devel@lists.wiggy.net )
  Bugreports should be sent through email. Like with debbugs
  pseudo-headers are used to provide extra information.

Origin gives a package a way to indicate where it is coming from.
This can be used to find information about its origin in
/etc/dpkg/origins/<origin>. The origin information file there
can list an Bugs field that overrides the Bugs field in the package


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