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Re: [PROPOSAL] Origin and Bugs support

> > I think the package should be able to override any default origin
> > data, not the other way around.
> No, a package needs to have its own info since the origin file might
> not exist.

I don't follow the reasoning behind that, so maybe a specific example
will clear things up.  Here's how I envisioned it working:

    A package with origin Foo and no bugs field: If there's no
    /etc/.../origin/Foo, then signal an error on trying to report a
    bug.  Recommend that the package containing /etc/.../origin/Foo be
    installed.  That package should have a consistent name, like
    "origin-foo" or "dpkg-origin-foo".  In fact, on installing a
    package with origin Foo, have dpkg issue a warning if
    /etc/.../origin/Foo doesn't exist, maybe with user confirmation to
    continue ("Warning: you're about to install a package from an
    unknown distribution...").

Your assertion is, I think, something along the lines of, "What if I
don't have access to the Foo origin data?"  My response to that is,
"Well, where did you get the package with origin Foo?  You should be
able to get the Foo origin file from the same place."

> > Also, I think Origin: Debian packages should not specify a Bugs field,
> > since bugs for all Debian packages should go to the default BTS URL.
> No, for two reasons: 1) consitency with non-Debian packages,

Well, I was thinking this should be done through policy.

> and 2) for use of debs on non-Debian systems

Do you mean, using Debian .debs on non-Debian systems?  I suppose an
argument could be made to *not* submit bug reports to the Debian BTS
in that case, but to me it's not entirely clear-cut.


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