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Re: CVS srivasta: * [ACCEPTED 10/26/99] changelog.html.gz sanitization. closes: Bug#40934

Previously Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         If indeed what you say is true, then why was this not brought
>  out while the proposal was being debated?

Probably because at that moment was had an implementation but that was
severely broken and pulled out again and I decided to postpone doing it
properly until potato was finished.

>  Wichert> What happened to the proposal to run dpkg-shlibdeps on
>  Wichert> libraries?
>         I am not sure. Which proposal is that, exactly? And who
>  proposed it?

Run dpkg-shlibdeps on libraries as well instead of only on dependencies.
I submitted that a while ago, including a patch for the package manual.

>         Perhaps the way to do so is incorporate relevant sections of
>  the packaging manual into the policy manual, and give control of the
>  packaging manual back to the dpkg developers.

I'm definitely in favour of that.


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