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CVS srivasta: * [ACCEPTED 10/26/99] changelog.html.gz sanitization. closes: Bug#40934

CVSROOT:	/cvs/debian-policy
Module name:	debian-policy
Changes by:	srivasta	Fri Mar 17 15:04:39 PST 2000

Modified files:
	.              : packaging.sgml policy.sgml 
	debian         : changelog postinst.in rules 
Added files:
	.              : policy-process.sgml 

Log message:
* [ACCEPTED 10/26/99] changelog.html.gz sanitization. closes: Bug#40934
* [AMENDED 07/09/1999] policy on -g, a proposal       closes: Bug#43787
* [ACCEPTED 02/01/2000] policy for usage of "xserver"
alternative                                         closes: Bug#53755
* [ACCEPTED 02/01/2000] additions to virtual package
list                                                closes: Bug#53756
* [ACCEPTED 02/01/2000] policy for "x-terminal-emulator"
virtual package and alternative                    closes: Bug#53757
* [ACCEPTED 02/01/2000] policy for "x-window-manager"
virtual package and alternative                    closes: Bug#53758
* [ACCEPTED 02/01/2000] revision of X application-defaults
policy                                              closes: Bug#53760
* [ACCEPTED 02/01/2000] revision of the Motif/LessTif
policy                                              closes: Bug#53761
* [ACCEPTED 02/01/2000] applying the FHS to packages
that use X                                          closes: Bug#53762
* [ACCEPTED 02/01/2000] policy for X font packages    closes: Bug#53763
* packaging manual: Added additional clarification on dpkg
behaviour.                                          closes: Bug#17369
* Fixed missing </chapt> tag.                         closes: Bug#51091
* Documented that the library before the symlink hack (which dependend
on file system specific kinks to work) is no longer required by newer
versions of dpkg.                                   closes: Bug#53405
* Fixed typo where dpkg-genchanges was used instead of
dpkg-gencontrol.                                    closes: Bug#58771
* [PROPOSED]: clarification needed about diversions.
fixed usage for dpkg-divert                         closes: Bug#29522
* We have had doc-base support for a while now.       closes: Bug#15709
* Moved the documents into the Debian/ section, since that is where they
belong, really.                                     closes: Bug#54777
* Added policy-process to document current procedures.

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