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Re: priority of x-window-manager

Branden Robinson <branden@ecn.purdue.edu> writes:

[policies snipped]
> Also, I don't understand what this will buy us.  An app, such as a window
> manager, can be internationalized, but it might not be localized for the
> user's locale.
> IOW, it doesn't seem to me that a window manager is any more useful from a
> user's perspective if it is internationalized, if it doesn't have
> localization for this locale.
> Therefore, I am not sure that escalating the priority of i18n'ed window
> managers is really going to accomplish anything.
> Moreover, Debian doesn't have a default window manager, and may never.  The
> point of these priority values is to "reward" the ones that are better
> integrated into our system.
> But there may be some aspects of i18n that I am missing here.  Please take
> this opportunity to educate me on the subject.  My mind can be changed.  :)

You misunderstood "i18n" as just the translation support (and "l10n"
as the translations).  Translation is just a category of i18n.
Atsuhito means i18n for the correct character displaying.

Korean (and maybe Japanese) X users often see the Netscape titlebar
incorrectly displays Korean web page title.  Many of the window
managers still don't care about this and just draw the raw string with
XDrawString().  The correct behavior is decoding the received compound
strings and drawing the decoded ones with XmbDrawString().

Changwoo Ryu

    IDIS Co.,Ltd.                        <cwryu@idis.co.kr>
    Debian GNU/Linux                     <cwryu@debian.org>

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