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Re: priority of x-window-manager


From: Changwoo Ryu <cwryu@idis.co.kr>
Subject: Re: priority of x-window-manager
Date: 15 Mar 2000 21:04:47 +0900

> Korean (and maybe Japanese) X users often see the Netscape titlebar
> incorrectly displays Korean web page title.  Many of the window
> managers still don't care about this and just draw the raw string with
> XDrawString().  The correct behavior is decoding the received compound
> strings and drawing the decoded ones with XmbDrawString().

Yes!  When non-European people talk about internationalization,
they often talk about displaying and inputing their native character,
such as Kanji, Hangul, Cyrillic, Thai, and so on.  A window manager
is a software on which many softwares run.  Thus a window manager 
which cannot display native characters avoids many softwares (which
are internationalized --- Netscape is an example) to work well.  
Thus I support Atsuhito Kohda's idea to add points to "internationalized" 
window managers which can display native characters.

Please read a document on internationalization which is found in 
DDP (Debian Documentation Project) web page.

Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.or.jp>

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