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Re: identical extended descriptions

>>"Drake" == Drake Diedrich <Drake.Diedrich@anu.edu.au> writes:

 Drake> OK, I'll disagree.  :) A great many of these are library
 Drake> packages and their associated -dev packages.  I'd rather the
 Drake> message "You don't need to select these" were put in the

        Huh? Why do we have a whole section of things people need not
 select? And why do you think the distinction between a library
 package and the corresponding -dev pacjage is ``do not select''? 

        I would rather have the descritpions say this is the run time
 library, and this package is the development one, in the man page,
 since the distinction is usage!!
        This is oppsed to kernel-image-blah packages, *all of which
 provide kernel images, with just a version difference.

 Drake> section description rather than the package descriptions for
 Drake> library packages, and that the devel section get a description
 Drake> along the lines "unless you're compiling programs yourself you
 Drake> don't need any of these", and that both sections be folded by
 Drake> default.

        That is implicit by the -dev addition that the packages have,
 Adding descriptions to the sections is fine (though redundant)

 Drake> This is an implementation issue for dselect/*-apt/etc, not a
 Drake> policy issue.  As we approach 5000 packages we need folding,
 Drake> tasks, deeper hierarchies, etc far more than we need minor
 Drake> tweaks to package descriptions.

        That is orthogonal to this suggestion. Just because a lot of
 work needs be done in another area is no excuse to neglect this one.

        As it stands, distinct packages should offer clues to their
 differences, if the differences are more than just version
 numbering. I would rahter have both, not an either or
 solution. Create your owen proposal for section docs, don't try to
 impede this proposal. 

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