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Re: identical extended descriptions

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

> The long description is there for a reason, and I feel these packages are
> ignoring it it. The libc5 versions should explain, in detail, why you
> might want to install those packages over the non-libc5 versions. An extended
> description should be a hand-crafted description of a package, not some
> boilerplate you've used for 4 different packages.

I think this is overreacting a little - I wouldn't want to have to read
through pages of long descriptions to see why I might wish to install a
libc5 version, one or two sentences should be more than adequate.

In general, I haven't seen that this problem is widespread to warrant a
policy proposal, so I suggest you file a bug against the netscape packages,
and handle this issue on a case by case basis.



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