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New Proposal Policy (was Re: Debian and FHS)

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:
> >>"Juergen" == Juergen A Erhard <jae@ilk.de> writes:

>  Juergen> I'd say (and I took it that way when I proposed 44922), that
>  Juergen> anyone can make a (formal) proposal.  *If* the proposer is
>  Juergen> not a maintainer, it needs one second more than when the
>  Juergen> proposer *is* a maintainer.

>         I guess we goofed. From this point on, I'll try to be more
>  careful about checking peoples names against the ldap database.

Hmm, I was certainly under the impression that anyone could make a
formal proposal.  If that's not the case, then I hereby propose that
we *make* it the case.  After all, if it's a bad proposal, then no
developers will second it (and I recommend that we continue to limit
seconds to developers only).  And if it's a good proposal, what matter
the source?

I think that if we want to make the system (and policy) as good as it
can be, we need to accept input from as many sources as possible.
Geeks tend to be shy and anti-social.  If we make it difficult to
propose a change/improvement to policy -- in particular, if we require
someone with the *social skills* to find a sponsor -- we increase the
chances that good suggestions will simply *never appear*!

Anyone can file a bug report against any package.  Debian policy is a
package.  Are we to ignore valid bug reports against this one package
simply because the source of the report doesn't want to be a full time
member of the project?

>  Juergen> Sorry, but I do (and no-one complained about 44922... not even you
>  >> ;-)

>         Do you want me to go back and nyullify that proposal? ;-) That is
>  easily done, you know. 

I think the evidence suggests that outsiders *do* make good
proposals.  Why throw more stumbling blocks in the way?  Why not
realize that 44922 was not just fine in itself, but an example of a
whole class of things that *should* be fine?

Unless people strongly object to this idea, I'll make it a formal
proposal.  (Now that I realize that it's *not* current policy.)
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