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Re: Debian and FHS

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>>>>> "Manoj" == Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:

    >>> "Steve" == Steve Robbins <steve@nyongwa.montreal.qc.ca> writes:
    Steve> Thanks.  I wasn't sure whether the general public could make proposals.  

    Manoj>         Actually, formal proposals still have to be made by
    Manoj>  a developer: since the proposer is also a second. But you
    Manoj>  can make suggestions, and just convince developers to take
    Manoj>  it to the next stage.

I'd say (and I took it that way when I proposed 44922), that anyone
can make a (formal) proposal.  *If* the proposer is not a maintainer,
it needs one second more than when the proposer *is* a maintainer.

Simple arithmetic... ;-)


    Manoj>         Umm, we like to keep things informal around
    Manoj>  here. So that document kinda reflects the way things are
    Manoj>  done, without having the weight of policy.

How can we make *formal* proposals based on an *informal* document?
This does not quite compute, sorry.


    Manoj>         I think the intent was that only Debian developers
    Manoj>  make formal proposals and second the proposal; and only
    Manoj>  developers can offer formal objections to it.

I don't know what your intent was (and if you just "think the intent
was", it seems you don't know either ;-)

But I think the intent of a (formal or informal) proposal process
should be to gather as many good ideas as possible.

    Steve> If it really is open to all, I'll put in a policy bug
    Steve> shortly.

    Manoj>         I don't think that is ther case. 

Sorry, but I do (and no-one complained about 44922... not even you

Bye, J

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