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Re: Bug#50832: AMENDMENT] Clarify meaning of Essential: yes

On Sun, 12 Dec 1999, Anthony Towns wrote:

> On Sun, Dec 12, 1999 at 12:32:08AM -0800, Chris Waters wrote:

> > The downside is, of course, that dpkg isn't very good at ordering
> > things, but again, that's a flaw in dpkg, and I think we'd be better
> > off trying to address that, not just for essential packages, but for
> > the benefit of the whole system.

Sigh. Why does everyone think this is a flaw in dpkg? Is 'rm -rf /' a flaw
in rm? dpkg is the very lowest interface to the packaging system, it
performs all the *mandatory* checks necessary to do any operation. All the
bugs that say it should do more checks are IMHO invalid.

As soon as you try to make dpkg do more than is absolutely necessary it
becomes a mid-level tool that is useless for actually doing low level


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