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Re: Bug#50832: AMENDMENT] Clarify meaning of Essential: yes

On Sun, Dec 12, 1999 at 12:32:08AM -0800, Chris Waters wrote:
> But ok, if you don't like that, then I'll go back to what I said the
> first time this came up: this belongs in the packaging manual, not
> policy.

And, gee, shock horror, I'll say the exact same thing I said last time
you mentioned this, and that is that it's much more alike things that
-policy discusses that things the packaging-manual discusses. The
Message-ID was <19991124123705.B29787@azure.humbug.org.au>.

On Sun, Dec 12, 1999 at 02:05:15AM -0800, Chris Waters wrote:
> [following up my own post to cover some points I missed]
> Chris Waters <xtifr@dsp.net> writes:
> Another good reason is that it would make it *very* much easier to do
> things like setting up alternatives for /bin/sh.  It would make the
> system simpler, easier to maintain, more robust, and more flexible.

And a reason against it is that it'd break everything that uses dpkg -iGROEB
to install packages.

Another is that it forces Apt to continue having a separate dpkg invocation
for every single essential package, which, thanks to the time it takes
dpkg to read the dpkg database can be painfully slow.

> The downside is, of course, that dpkg isn't very good at ordering
> things, but again, that's a flaw in dpkg, and I think we'd be better
> off trying to address that, not just for essential packages, but for
> the benefit of the whole system.
> And if we can't maintain and improve dpkg, then we're already dead and
> we just haven't noticed yet, because the corpse is still twitching.
> Changing policy won't fix that! :-)

Then how about we just abandon the project and switch to RedHat, because
making those changes to dpkg are not as trivial as your hand waving
suggests, so clearly there's no future in any of this.



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