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Re: ICCCM compliance?

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Jennings <mej@valinux.com> writes:

    Michael> Eterm will never be fully ICCCM-compliant, and neither
    Michael> will E.  In fact, no decent modern window manager is or
    Michael> ever should be.

    Michael> For example, section requires that icon pixmaps
    Michael> be 1-bit images, meaning they can only have two colors.
    Michael> If you want a full-color icon, you have to use an icon
    Michael> window.  But an icon window inherits all the limitations
    Michael> of any other window, meaning that it can't appear in more
    Michael> than one place.  Since any modern, sane window manager
    Michael> supports icon pixmaps with more than two colors, I chose
    Michael> to violate ICCCM rather than limit what the window
    Michael> manager can do with Eterm's icon.

It sounds like ICCCM is far too restrictive, and should be relaxed...

    Michael> ICCCM also dictates that the window manager should not
    Michael> steal key or button events from any other client.  When
    Michael> was the last time you ran a window manager that didn't
    Michael> support some key/mouse combination to move/resize a
    Michael> window while clicking/dragging within the window itself?
    Michael> I have never run such a window manager.

Personally, I wish there was a standard that allows a window manager
to steal certain keys. I find it frustrating when an application requires
you use the same keystrokes that I have reserved for my window manager.

Then again, the only problems I have ever had are with commercial
applications which don't seem to comply with many standards anyway.

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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