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Re: [PROPOSED] Change package relations policy to remove references to non-free from main

On Tue, Nov 30, 1999 at 05:52:17PM -0500, Raul Miller wrote:
> And we still don't have a good example case where "free package suggests
> non-free package" is better than "non-free package enhances free package"


Suggests: ... xanim | ucbmpeg-play ...

Why the hell would xanim or ucbmpeg-play have any relationship to Mozilla
at all?  They're mpeg players and while a web browser might be able to use
one to make your web-browsing experience more ... um, slow *g*, an mpeg
player is going to use a web browser for what exactly?

Enhances is not a complete solution apparently (which is why I wanted the
discussion about how exactly we propose to fix everything before we start
fixing small parts of the problem..)  That said, I still think Enhances is
a good idea.  Perhaps not so useful as a tool for getting packages in main
to not make noise about packages not in main as we'd like, but it has
definite promise in a lot of other areas..

wmakerconf enhances wmaker
fortify enhances netscape

It should be done if for no other reason than that it completes the
package relationship system.

I wonder if the original suggestion made of simply not displaying suggests
for packages not available may be better.  My primary reason for not
wanting to do this before was that it was something I'd want turned off.
I _KNOW_ what dselect means when it says a suggested package isn't
available and I also know how to find out quickly if that's a bug (mosaic
doesn't exist anymore) or if it's just a suggest to a package that I've
chosen not to make available for installation.

If dpkg and dselect are again being developed, a dselect config file would
be real handy to specify this and a couple of other things (don't show
that stupid help screen on select, don't force me to treat recommends as
depends in dselect, keep my sort order the way I like it, certain defaults
for "dumb" dselect methods like whether or not to use force-overwrite...)
Since a missing suggests means little to an end user, that setting should
default to on.  Developers should probably turn it off for the sake of
spotting packages which need to have their suggests lines fixed.

As I said above, this has little to do with Enhances' usefulness.

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