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Re: [PROPOSED] Change package relations policy to remove references to non-free from main

On Mon, Nov 29, 1999 at 10:06:39PM +0100, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> It's true that for some of the existing relations replacing Suggests
> with Recommends puts the responsibility on the wrong package. However

s/Recommends/Enhances/ I take it?

> a reverse relation is the only way to completely remove references
> to non-main packages from main, which is what this proposal is all
> about. It's not all about design, there is a political message here

RMS originally suggested simply not displaying those suggests that
couldn't be met in dselect.  I didn't like the idea because dselect wasn't
likely to get fixed in such a manner that I could cause dselect to display
suggests that can't be met.  With active dpkg development happening once
again, I think this would be less hackish than using Enahnces for
everything by far.  (But if someone has a better idea..)

Of course the option to simply not show the user missing suggests should
be default.  It only adds to dselect's confusion for a new user anyway.

And while we're on the subject of dselect improvements, how about an
option to get rid of some of the extra headings in the package listing
where they just get in the way (they get in the way only in certain sort
modes naturally..  I suppose I should figure out which ones those are

Of course while I'm dreaming here, how about collapsable trees for
packages?  And a real search function?  Make it smart enough to use apt's
binary index when using the apt method?  Or perhaps use the binary index
with or without apt, just use apt's copy of it when using the apt method?
How about having dpkg use it too while you're at it?  (Okay I'll shut up

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