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Re: static user IDs

On Sep 20, Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de> wrote:
 >> >Please provide a rationale. Some of my packages need a static ID (64000
 >> >is assigned, the only one assigned so far) because their spool could
 >> >need to be NFS shared.
 >static user id´s are a _problem_ with nfs, not a help.
 >that´s why this proposal is: if the user id is read via /etc/passwd
 >(or whatever you use), it is possible to sync the user id´s in
 >a nfs network environment.
My packages read the uid from /etc/passwd. I agree that packages using
hardwired uids are bad, but I'm not arguing about that.

 >with compiled in user ids it is not possible (without recompiling).
Not everybody wants to run rpc.ugidd, it's another thing to configure
and it's useful only if you are running different OS.


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