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Re: On Policy Compliance (was Re: static user IDs)

On Sep 19, Raul Miller wrote:
> You seem to be saying that issueing new policy doesn't prevent a person
> from issuing a package under an old policy and that therefore there's
> no advantage in writing policy so that the new policy still accepts the
> old practice.

Well, it's more like issuing a new policy doesn't necessarily
encourage people to move to the new policy.  However, there's
certainly no rule that "Any package uploaded after a new policy is
promulgated must comply with that policy," which can either be a good
or bad thing.

Perhaps we need to formalize this somehow (e.g., all packages uploaded
more than X weeks after a new substantive revision (i.e. non-4th-digit
release) of policy is released should comply with that policy), where
big X is some reasonable period of time to accomodate changes.

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