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Re: Policy about policy

On Wed, 8 Sep 1999, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> > Perhaps we need to add a small layer (perhaps the ctte itself) which
> > sanctions (sprinkles it with holy penguin-pee as Linus would say)
> > updates to the policy as decided by debian-policy. (perhaps sanctions
> > isn't the best word here, I hope you know what I mean though). This
> > would give a more formal framework in which debian-policy operates while
> > not changing the current procedures.
> So what's the point? Either they sanction everything we do, and then there
> is really hardly a point to create this additional layer, or they don't, and
> then current procedures are changed, and we need to pull other means like
> general resolution, voting etc if there is contention between the policy
> group and the ctte.

I tend to agree with Marcus. If the ctte members disagree with changes to
policy they can use the existing policy methods to voice their discontent.
By the time any sort of policy dispute reaches the ctte I would expect
that every member has already said their peace on the subject - or at
least considered saying something.

The ctte would probably work best if it's members were involved with
contentious issues from the start so they are well informed on what they
are deciding. Consequently a decision should not take very long to
reach if the policy process stalls out on an important issue.


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