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Re: Debian conflicts with FHS on /usr/include/{linux,asm}

Note that having the current kernel header files installed in
/usr/include/linux is critical to be able to compile source distribution
of stand-alone modules --- i.e., for the Comtrol Rocketport, the PCMCIA
drivers, the stand-alone serial driver, etc.   

It is a really bad practice for certain debased distributions that they
install header files for linux-2.0.0, but then install the kernel for
2.0.36.   If you want standalone modules to be compilable in source
form, please do *NOT* remove the requirement that /usr/include/linux and
/usr/include/asm point to the current kernel sources on the hard disk.

(Yes, this doesn't work if you're booting off an emergency boot
diskette, but that argument is really a red herring.  The header files
should match the normal kernel which you boot, which is normally the
default kernel installed on the hard drive.)

					- Ted

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