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Re: Debian conflicts with FHS on /usr/include/{linux,asm}

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Raul Miller <rdm@test.legislate.com> writes:

> Personally, I think that aspect of the FHS is broken, and that we
> should talk to them about the issue they raise in the rationale:
>   It is important that the kernel include files be located in
>   /usr/src/linux and not in /usr/include so there are no problems when
>   system administrators upgrade their kernel version for the first time.
> Namely, that software which requires that the user install the source
> for the currently running kernel under /usr/src/linux and recompile it
> before it can be used is going to cause long term problems for the
> sysadmin (if a person relies on such software how are they going to
> deal with issues which require them to switch back and forth between
> several distinct kernels?).

Yes, it used to be the case (quite a while ago) that you wanted the
current kernel headers, but it's no longer a requirement.  I'll make
sure this gets fixed before FHS 2.1 is released.

Should we continue to require that /usr/include/{asm,linux} be present
(on systems including a C or C++ compiler) without specifying the exact


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