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Re: More FHS discussion (Was: Uploaded debhelper 2.0.09 (source all) to master)

Joseph Carter wrote:
> > What is it? I'd love to make debhelper start using that directory by
> > default. (And BTW, is /usr/share/X11R6/man supposed to be used for X man
> > pages?)
> No, /usr/X11R6/man should remain /usr/X11R6/man---it's part of the whole
> /usr/X11R6-is-left-alone-for-now-at-least-even-though-we-don't-like-it
> thing.  Just /usr/man moves.  Have a look at /etc/manpath.config for what
> the paths are.

Ok, that still doesn't address the transition. Do we worry about people
installing potato packages on older versions of debian that can't handle the
new man locations, or not? 

> The problem with the symlink farm is when do we get rid of them?  And how?

Well we could eventually just phase them out. That is nasty though.

> I think I suggested at some point a quick test for something like
> register-dochack that makes the /usr/doc symlink if it's there and removes
> it on package purge...
> At some point in the future when it becomes feasable to do so, all of the
> symlinks in /usr/doc pointing to /usr/share/doc would be simply removed.
> Pretty much that should be done by the first version of whatever package
> would provide the dochack thing that no longer does.  =>

Hm, <gack>, but it does make sense.

see shy jo

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