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Re: Bug#29770: Policy contradicts itself about /etc/aliases

>>"Joey" == Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> writes:

 >> 4.7. Configuration files
 >> ------------------------
 >> If two or more packages use the same configuration file, one of these
 >> packages has to be defined as _owner_ of the configuration file, i.e.,
 >> it has to list the file as `conffile' and has to provide a program
 >> that modifies the configuration file.
 >> The other packages have to depend on the _owner_ package and use that
 >> program to update the configuration file.

 Joey> Unless I'm confused, this bit of policy is broken. Conffiles
 Joey> should not be modified by packages.

	Please explain the rationale for this. As long as user changes
 are preserved, why should a program designed to modify a conffile not
 modify it? Especially if the design philosophy is that the original
 file installed with the package shall never change, and the modifier
 be always used to optionally effect non-local changes. 

 Joey> I think we should probably remove "has to list the file as
 Joey> conffile'" from the first paragraph. I propose we do so (if I
 Joey> need to file a bug report or something with this proposal, let
 Joey> me know, I'm unsure how our new system for policy modifications
 Joey> works).

	I'll send you the procedi=ure in private email.

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