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Re: Bug#29770: Policy contradicts itself about /etc/aliases

> 4.7. Configuration files
> ------------------------
>      If two or more packages use the same configuration file, one of these
>      packages has to be defined as _owner_ of the configuration file, i.e.,
>      it has to list the file as `conffile' and has to provide a program
>      that modifies the configuration file.
>      The other packages have to depend on the _owner_ package and use that
>      program to update the configuration file.

Unless I'm confused, this bit of policy is broken. Conffiles should not be
modified by packages. I think we should probably remove "has to list the
file as conffile'" from the first paragraph. I propose we do so (if I need
to file a bug report or something with this proposal, let me know, I'm
unsure how our new system for policy modifications works).

see shy jo

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