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Re: Provides: emacsen ?

>>"Rob" == Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu> writes:

 Rob> I thought about this, but unless you can actually hold up the dpkg
 Rob> run, you still have ugly cases.  Consider:

 Rob>   dpkg -i calc*.deb
 Rob>   dpkg --purge calc

	I see. Well, there are indeed cases in which things may mess
 up -- but all that happens is the a compilation run fails (make sure
 that all installed packages shall be compiled even if one fails). So,
 the only package to fail to compile is the one you purged. I think
 that is reasonable (I mean -- what else do you expect?)

 Rob> This is why I brought up that alternate proposal which relies on
 Rob> existing mechanisms and cooperation between add-on maintainers
 Rob> to solve this particular problem.  Of course, as I outlined,
 Rob> this means that vm would have to contain bbdb related config
 Rob> calls, or bbdb would have to check its status at run-time, every
 Rob> time.

	I think that since VM and bbdb are merely lightly coupled,
 until we can implement hooks into dpkg runs, we should just implement
 what we can. I still think that waiting for dpkg to finish and then
 using tsort is a useful first step. 

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