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Re: Provides: emacsen ?

	I have a fourth option. Use the Depends: mechanism to make
 dpkg do the right thing on individual add-on installs (like, if your
 package strictly depends on another). However, internally,
 emacsen-common goes the extra mile.

> 	So, each emacs add-on package should provide a file like
>  /usr/lib/emacsen-common/dependencies/<pkg-name>, which contain lines
>  like
> <pkg-name>      dependnecy-one
> <pkg-name>      dependnecy-two
> 	emacsen-common merely concatenates all these files together
>  and runs them through tsort, and bingo: depndency order compilations
>  are possible.

	The emacs-install script could then do something like menu
 does, wait in the background for dpkg to finish, so that all
 add-ons to be installed in this run are done, and then look at the
 files above to figure out the emacsen-compile order.

	The files added by each package can be a superset of the
 dependencies specified, so they may also take into account ``soft''

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