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Re: Provides: emacsen ?

>>"Rob" == Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu> writes:

 Rob> I have a couple of concerns.

 Rob> First of all, what do you do about multiple dpkg runs.  The
 Rob> problem here is that (without support from dpkg), dpkg finishing
 Rob> is not the same thing as all the install/remove scripts being
 Rob> finished.  So it would be a little tricky (and possibly
 Rob> dangerous?) to allow a new invocation of dpkg before the old
 Rob> scripts are finished.

	Good question. However, this is a far smaller problem than
 the one we face now, and any incremental improvement is better than

	Can emacsen common lock the dir (/var/lock/emacsen.lock) and
 not only look for the dpkg lock but also itself? (put the process id
 in there so that one may look for /proc/<pid> to see if the lock is

 Rob> This also doesn't strictly address the issue concerning cases
 Rob> where package A needs to have it's add-on package install script
 Rob> re-run whenever package B is upgraded.  I'm not sure this
 Rob> matters though.  Is this an issue?

	Maybe. (bbdb needs to be run whenever the status of vm
 changes). Hmm. I am not sure how one may reliably fix this, without
 an elaborate system of hooks (preferably implemented by
 dpkg). However, again. this is a smaller problem.

 Rob> I'm also a little concerned about the re-inventing the wheel factor
 Rob> here (doing things like our own dependencies) that might belong in a
 Rob> more sophisticated dpkg).

	Right. But changing dpkg has its own problems (like, time
 taken to ;-). I think we should go ahead and implement this
 functionality, flawed as it may be. And then prior art may be used to
 leverage a change in dpkg ;-). 
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