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Re: Summary[2]: dpkg and alpha/beta versioning

Rather than treating the ~ as introducing a special case which always
compares lower than something else, does it help to make numbers to
the right of the ~ add fractions to the integer part ? Since the
version number is now a rational number you can have arbitrary numbers
of releases before hitting 8. A possible sequence in the case that's
been discussed might be

	2.0.7 < 2.0.7~1 < 2.0.7~2 < 2.0.7~21 < 2.0.8

I can't see an immeditate use for it but if there were ever a new
whizzy version 3 releases, with attendent pre versions, then you could 
do a similar thing with 

	2.0.8 < 2~9.0.8 < 3.0.0

or whatever...

It might also be wise to start the `pre' versions at ~9 so 

	2.0.7, 2.0.7~9, 2.0.7~91, 2.0.7~92, ..., 2.0.8

Just a daft idea I suppose, my apologies if it is.

Martin Oldfield.

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