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Re: multi-platform, FSSTND compliance, and /usr/share/

On Fri, 30 Jan 1998, Yann Dirson wrote:

> [6.3] "The directory /usr/share typically contains
> architecture-independent files such as man-pages, timezone, terminfo
> information, etc."
> As of this time, with Debian going multiplatform, it seems we should
> push towards using /usr/share where this makes sense, as soon as
> possible (maybe for 2.0).  This will make integrating "heterogeneous"
The move to the new FSSTND (I don't remember the new acronym) was put off
until Debian 2.1 because it requires us to move /var/lib/dpkg/* and make a
few other corrections that are going to be absolutely a wreck.  The move
to glibc is screwy enough on its own that we need to get it finished 'fore
we play with too many other things ... :)

> [6.3] "no program should ever reference anything in /usr/share."
No clue.  Might be becase /usr/share could be shared across different
architectures (hence the name) and therefore isn't likely to reside on a
local disk in an NFS environment,  so references to a filesystem that
might not be around could be bad.

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