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Re: policy Q's WRT imapd

On Mon, 26 Jan 1998, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:

> 1.  Is the use of liblockfile mandatory or just A Good Thing?  (or a bad
> thing?)

See policy manual, section 4.5. It's current policy for MTAs and MUAs to
either use liblockfile or implement a compatible locking mechanism.

> imapd has its own locking scheme which it shares with pine but no other
> apps afaik.  Is that ok or shall I patch it to use liblockfile? 

Unless it's compatible with liblockfile's mechanism, you should patch it.
(I'm using pine myself and discovered that it's _not_ compatible, when
using it over a NFS mounted /var/spool/mail)

> Also Ilya Ovchinnikov has sent me a patch which he claims "...fixed
> locking problems with imap-4"  The diff for this patch is available under
> Bug #10749.  Does the code therein satisfy Debian policy for locking? 
> 2.  Is beta software ok?
> I've packaged a new version of imapd, version 4.1.BETA.  It is a snapshot
> of the upstream authors current development as of 12/31/97.  It compiles
> more cleanly than the old one, has some bug fixes and seems to be stable
> in my limited testing, but as the name suggests, it is a beta version. 
> Should I go ahead and release it anyway? 

Yes. Beta software is ok for "unstable". Only "critical" software (i.e.,
programs that are likely to trash your filesystem) should go into

> 3.  What is the procedure for getting the QA group to test a package?
> The current imapd package and the new one both work well for me but I
> don't have an NFS environment or anything to really test issues like
> locking.  So I'd like the QA group to take a look.  Because if there is a
> chance it could eat mail, I think we should just take it out of the
> distribution.

I don't know (yet) whom to contact about that. But why don't you just send
a short note to debian-devel about this? I'm sure you'll find someone to
test this out for you. 



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