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Re: Packaging my first Debian module

On Sun, 07 Jun 2015 23:00:37 +0100, Andrew Beverley wrote:

> > I'd submit a new one, in case owner@b.d.o can't help.
> > It's not essential but recommended, as it can help to avoid duplicate
> > work and can also trigger helpful coments from others.
> > (Both not very realistic in this case.)
> I've tried submitting again (and waited 20 minutes) but it's not
> appeared yet. I've reported to owner@b.d.o so I'll let you know what I
> hear back.

> > That would be excellent; I'm just a bit skeptical how easy it is to
> > mechanically transform a typical "<Verb> something ..." CPAN synopsis to
> > a meaningful "<noun> for something ..." short description.
> Yes, I was thinking it just needed the capitalisation removing. Just
> prepending "module to" might not always work ;-)

Right, and often it's not very good English but still used as a
fallback by some of us non-native speakers :)
> > Anyway, besides the ITP the package is ready for upload, and I can
> > also do this tomorrow without an ITP if the issue is still unsolved.
> Thanks. I'll let you know if the bug report appears. If not, it might be
> worth uploading anyway.



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