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Re: Packaging my first Debian module

On Sun, 2015-06-07 at 23:24 +0200, gregor herrmann wrote:
> > d6bcfb887e: As above, my mail seems to have been lost. Should I submit a
> > new bug report? Is it essential to have an ITP for each new module?
> I'd submit a new one, in case owner@b.d.o can't help.
> It's not essential but recommended, as it can help to avoid duplicate
> work and can also trigger helpful coments from others.
> (Both not very realistic in this case.)

I've tried submitting again (and waited 20 minutes) but it's not
appeared yet. I've reported to owner@b.d.o so I'll let you know what I
hear back.

> > 7ea63650e2: It would be nice if dh-make-perl did this. Maybe I should
> > submit a patch ;-)
> That would be excellent; I'm just a bit skeptical how easy it is to
> mechanically transform a typical "<Verb> something ..." CPAN synopsis to
> a meaningful "<noun> for something ..." short description.

Yes, I was thinking it just needed the capitalisation removing. Just
prepending "module to" might not always work ;-)

> Anyway, besides the ITP the package is ready for upload, and I can
> also do this tomorrow without an ITP if the issue is still unsolved.

Thanks. I'll let you know if the bug report appears. If not, it might be
worth uploading anyway.



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