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Re: Packaging my first Debian module

On Sun, 07 Jun 2015 10:37:50 +0100, Christopher Hoskin wrote:

> As someone who's also recently started packaging Perl modules, I though you
> might find my personal notes below helpful. Please note, as they're just
> things I've noted down as I go along, they would definitely benefit from
> some editing / testing / correction. Hopefully they may be of some use?

This is all very good advice, thanks for sharing.

Just a few minor additions:
> Check if someone is already packaging lib*-*-perl:
> Try package name on https://tracker.debian.org/

Or on the command line: rmadison <package>
> Check if a bug report exists: http://wnpp.debian.net/ (make sure ITP is
> selected)

Or on the command line: wnpp-check <package>
> Create/add a .gitignore file with the line .pc/

I have this in my global gitignore settings; not sure we want/need
this in each repo ...
> Edit debian/patches/name.patch and add DEP-3 headers to the top
> Description: ***
> Author: Christopher Hoskin <christopher.hoskin@gmail.com>
> Forwarded:
> Last-Update: 20XX-YY-ZZ

`patchedit' can help here as well.
> git push --all

Or `dpt push' which pushes the relevant branches and tags in one
> Check copyrights is year-year, Author <email>

Ack, dh-make-perl (in most cases) doesn't add the year(s).
> Add copyrights for inc/Module if present

Yup, another common trap.

Text to copy on
(check years)
> lintian -EviIL +pedantic ~/src/pkg-perl/packages/<package>_source.changes

To save typing, I use the following 
% cat ~/.lintianrc 


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