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Re: Packaging my first Debian module

On Sun 2015-06-07 05:37:50 -0400, Christopher Hoskin wrote:

> I though you might find my personal notes below helpful. Please note,
> as they're just things I've noted down as I go along, they would
> definitely benefit from some editing / testing / correction.

This is a nice writeup, Christopher.  Thank you for sharing it.  One
small correction to note about your git workflow:

> Post review
> ===========
> After a review, if corrections are needed, these are added into
> debian/changelog as TODO, and the distro is changed from unstable back to
> UNRELEASED, The package is moved from “ready for upload” back to “New
> Packages”.
> To get the changes locally (without applying them):
> git fetch
> See what has changed:
> git diff master origin/master
> Accept the changes:
> git pull

I really like the general pattern you're establishing here:

  * fetch the changes,
  * review them locally
  * if you like them:
     * merge them locally

But the last command should be "git merge origin/master" instead of "git
pull".  The difference is that "git pull" actually does an additional
fetch before doing the merge.

As a result, you could end up merging an additional (unreviewed)
set of changes, just because of the timing.

Also, for the review command, you might find it useful to see metadata
about who made the change(s) and what their reasoning was -- the "who"
and the "why" in addition to the diff's "what".

To do that, instead of (or in addition to):

  git diff master origin/master

You could do:

 git log -p master origin/master

If anyone is coming to debconf, and they want to talk about this sort of
thing, share ideas, and learn more about other people's habits, please
come to


All the best,


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