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Removing RC buggy leaf packages with low popularity?


at the low-hanging fruits (LHF) session we just had, we've listed
"our" RC buggy leaf packages (no reverse-dependency), and sorted this
list by popcon ("installed") order.

Here they are:

   get-flash-videos  [popcon:1200] [dam has a patch fixing the FTBFS]
   libnet-irc-perl [popcon: 386]
   libscalar-number-perl [popcon: 107]
   libhtml-wikiconverter-moinmoin-perl   [popcon:100]
   libembperl-perl   [popcon:92]
   libregexp-grammars-perl [popcon: 38]
   libmodule-packaged-perl [popcon: 32]
   libtext-mediawikiformat-perl [popcon: 31]
   libgraph-writer-graphviz-perl   [popcon:30]
   libmath-algebra-symbols-perl [popcon: 27]
   libscriptalicious-perl [popcon: 26]
   libthread-queue-any-perl [popcon: 25]
   libhtml-template-dumper-perl  [popcon:16]
   libimdb-film-perl		[popcon:13]
   libgearman-client-async-perl   [popcon:12]
   libnet-dri-perl [popcon: 10]
   librdf-helper-perl [popcon: 9]
   libmagpie-perl [popcon: 6]
   libjifty-plugin-comment-perl	[popcon:5]
   libjifty-plugin-wikitoolbar-perl [popcon: 5]
   libdevel-bt-perl   [popcon:4]
   libjifty-plugin-chart-perl		[popcon:3]
   libjifty-plugin-oauth-perl		[popcon: 3]

Do we want to remove the packages with popcon < N from the archive?
How about N=50 or 100?

As a side note, would anyone find it fun to automate building this
list, and sending the results to the list e.g. every 2 or 3 months?

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