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Report from our first low-hanging fruits meeting


this is the report from our first low-hanging fruits (LHF) meeting.

intrigeri wrote (22 Dec 2013 09:51:01 GMT) :
> Our first low-hanging fruits meeting will thus take place on:
>     date -d 'Fri Jan 24 18:00:00 GMT 2014'

The manual, obsolete xz compression settings were removed from

We've worked on the Perl 5.18 transition: we went through every
package that has 5.18 in d/changelog and a debian/patches directory,
and pinged upstream for patches we have forwarded there.

Then, we have listed our RC buggy packages, computed the list of
reverse-dependencies, and added popcon information for the RC buggy
leaf packages, in preparation for potential removal from the archive.
See separate email about this.

Most people who attended said they were happy, and want to do it
again! See separate email for the next session.

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