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Re: Removing RC buggy leaf packages with low popularity?

On Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 09:19:26PM +0100, intrigeri wrote:
>    get-flash-videos  [popcon:1200] [dam has a patch fixing the FTBFS]
>    libnet-irc-perl [popcon: 386]
>    libscalar-number-perl [popcon: 107]
>    libhtml-wikiconverter-moinmoin-perl   [popcon:100]

Fix pending for 4 years (!)

>    libembperl-perl   [popcon:92]

That has an interested, if not particularly quick responding, upstream

>    libregexp-grammars-perl [popcon: 38]

I think people have already mentioned that is being worked on.

>    libgraph-writer-graphviz-perl   [popcon:30]

Needs to be checked to see if it can be downgraded.

>    libscriptalicious-perl [popcon: 26]

Needs to be checked to see if it can be downgraded.

>    libhtml-template-dumper-perl  [popcon:16]

Needs to be checked to see if it can be downgraded.

>    libimdb-film-perl		[popcon:13]

Reasoning seems invalid, as already discussed. I suggest we close this

>    libnet-dri-perl [popcon: 10]

Upstream is somewhat engaged; maybe worth pinging?

>    libjifty-plugin-chart-perl		[popcon:3]

Not yet forwarded upstream.

> Do we want to remove the packages with popcon < N from the archive?
> How about N=50 or 100?

As has sort of become apparent from discussion about specific cases,
I really think we need to decide on a bit more than popcon whether to
remove a package. As a minimum the age of the bug, and whether someone
has indicated that they are likely to look at fixing the issue.

If this could be included together with the title of each bug with such
reports, that would be useful too.

As such, the following might be easy candidates for removal:

>    libmodule-packaged-perl [popcon: 32]
>    libtext-mediawikiformat-perl [popcon: 31]
>    libmath-algebra-symbols-perl [popcon: 27]
>    libthread-queue-any-perl [popcon: 25]
>    libimdb-film-perl      [popcon:13]
>    libgearman-client-async-perl   [popcon:12]
>    librdf-helper-perl [popcon: 9]
>    libmagpie-perl [popcon: 6]
>    libjifty-plugin-comment-perl   [popcon:5]
>    libjifty-plugin-wikitoolbar-perl [popcon: 5]
>    libdevel-bt-perl   [popcon:4]
>    libjifty-plugin-oauth-perl     [popcon: 3]

I might be tempted to ping the upstream bug reports for all those
to see if anyone pops up with fixes (message along the lines of:
bugs unfixed, will removed from Debian in one week unless there is
evidence of fixes..)

Will we leave them in git for "a while" after removal from unstable
so they can be easily reintroduced later if wanted?


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