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Re: [license-reconcile] some more license mappings (#1) Re: Bug#687427: RFP: starlet -- a simple, high-performance PSGI/Plack HTTP server Re: Bug#694653: RFP: libnet-frame-device-perl -- This module is used to get network information, and is especially useful when you want to do low-level network programming. Re: Bug#697241: RFS: libscalar-does-perl/0.11-01-1 [ITP] Re: Bug#697413: RFS: libapp-cpanoutdated-perl/0.24-1 [ITP] Bug#697849: ITP: libtest-command-simple-perl - Perl module to test external commands Bug#697942: ITP: libapp-prereqgrapher-perl -- generate dependency graph using Perl::PrereqScanner Re: Bug#698101: ITP: libmozilla-ca-perl -- Mozilla's CA cert bundle in PEM format Re: Bug#698174: perl: double-free in load subroutine for Digest::SHA Bug#698457: ITP: libtie-cycle-perl -- module for cycling through a list of values via a scalar Bug#698458: ITP: libbusiness-ismn-perl -- module for International Standard Music Numbers Bug#698468: ITP: libstore-opaque-perl -- module for opaque objects to prevent accidental leaking Bug#698875: ITP: libio-compress-lzma-perl -- modules for reading and writing lzma/xz files/buffers Re: Casper Gielen requests joining pkg-perl Casper Gielen requests joining pkg-perl (was: Re: ITP: libtest-command-simple-perl ...) Re: dual life modules inline module in a perl script libcyrillic-suite-perl Fwd: Re: License problem in Filesys-SmbClient Re: mongodb driver Re: Request to Join Project Debian Perl Group from Vasudev Kamath (vasudev-guest) Request to package extra Perl packages Re: String::Approx license Upstream (perl) request: "where can I start helping?" Fwd: Your LA Photos The last update was on 11:52 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 37 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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