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Re: Casper Gielen requests joining pkg-perl

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Op 23-01-13 16:48, gregor herrmann schreef:
> On Wed, 23 Jan 2013 15:18:54 +0100, Joost van Baal-Ilić wrote:
>> I plan to maintain libtest-command-simple-perl, together with 
>> Casper Gielen ( capslock2000-guest @ alioth ), see ITP 
>> Bug#697849.  I've just commited initial packaging to
>> I'll upload to unstable soonish.
>> Could capslock2000-guest @ alioth get added to the pkg-perl 
>> project?
> Sure. - Done.
> Welcome Caspar, maybe you'd also like to say a few words about 
> yourself :)

Hello Gregor,
thanks for setting me up, and thanks to Joost for guiding me through
the process.

I'm a Dutch Unix-administrator working at Tilburg University. Debian
has been my OS of choice for over a decade. I've done some
translations, fixed a few bugs and done various other small tasks but
have never been seriously involved with packaging. Although I have
built a few packages for my own use this has become more important now
that I need it at work.
As I have a few interesting packages that are not yet in Debian I
thought this was my time to contribute some packages.

My main interest is in network-technology, not unit-testing (as this
package my suggest). The libtest-command-simple-perl package is a
dependency for Validns, which I intent to package next.
- -- 
Casper Gielen

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