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inline module in a perl script

Hi Debian perl hackers,

I have an ITP open for pgbadger ( #679362 ) - a postgresql log
analysis tool. Thanks to dh-make-perl the package is mostly ready, but
I don't know how to approach the following issues.

Pgbadger's author wants the script to be easily used on most systems,
so he included SQL::Beautify perl module inline in the script. Since
this module is not in the archive I thought that I would weed out the
module from the script, package it separately and make pgbadger depend
on it. It seems though that pgbadger's author ships a modified version
of the module [1] and this is where thing start to be complicated.

What would be the proper approach to this? The easiest way would be to
package pgbadger with the inline modified module, but I doubt that it
is the proper way. Another approach would be to prod the SQL::Beautify
module developer to consider the changes made by pgbadger developer,
and then package the patched module as a separate perl package.

Another issue is that the script itself has BSD license, but the
module has Artistic License 2.0. Both of them are in one file, so I am
wondering if debian/copyright permits a file to have two different
licenses for two parts of a file.


Mateusz Kijowski

[1] https://listes.dalibo.com/pipermail/pgbadger/2013-January/000011.html

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