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Re: require advice to patch (or not) a package

On Fri, 04 Nov 2011 16:40:08 +0100, Olivier Sallou wrote:

> I talked with upstream author. About missing descriptions, he has no
> idea on content. Perl files with no description are a wrapper above a
> database schema, but author does not know what those tables are used for
> (upstream of the schema has not documented those either).

Well, they could just use " - wrapper for $foo table" or something
like that.
> So, if possible, I'd like to go for above proposal (upload with 1 bug
> above what-is missing data)

Doesn't make me really happy, but I also so no quick and easy other
way, and it's not the only package with this problem, so yes.

I've checked the package now and added some TODO items to

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