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Re: To those who are interested in libcatalyst-modules-perl

Hi Nicholas,

+1 for this effort.

It's been awhile since I had enough free time to contribute to Debian,
but I just wanted to thank you for keeping an eye on
libcatalyst-modules-perl in particular. I tried as much as possible to
split the major components out of that megapackage, but certainly more
work could be done, and I would certainly like to see that package
become something more maintainable, if only because of the limitations
of the other tools we use (e.g. making sure the package can fit our
current workflow for other packages).

Ultimately, my preference would be to remove bundles altogether if
possible, but that of course depends on what the ftp-masters/etc. have
to say about it, and it's been quite awhile since I've been involved
personally. Certainly pkg-components (I just did a quick google and
took a look at the abstract on Github) is a step in the right
direction, so thank you very much for your contributions.



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