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Re: require advice to patch (or not) a package

On Thu, 03 Nov 2011 09:53:33 +0100, Olivier Sallou wrote:

> There are several cases:
>  - missing description in =head1 NAME
>  - dual =head1 NAME, one with description, one with no description.
> It hits more than 200 files....

Hm, this is really a mess.
And dropping manpages seems only viable for some of them.

But after I had the suspicion that this is not handwritten, I
discovered something interesting: maint/bin/update_dbic_dump.pl which
seems to create (at least parts of) the modules/POD.

Especially generate_chado_submodule_pod and
_generate_chado_submodule_podfile look interesting, and there's
something about comments that are turned into whatis entries. And
they seem to come from %module_descriptions which seems to get filled
by some parsing of some (upstream chado) xml file, probably


Hm, not sure about the best way to proceed. Either someone digs
closer into this script or comesout with a fixit script, or upstream
can be bothered to improve the situation ...


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