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Re: Wheezy!

On Sat, 26 Feb 2011 13:23:26 -0500, Jonathan Yu wrote:

> > How about doing some "update sprint" and try to get the count down
> > close to zero until the end of March? Should be doable if everybody
> > grabs a package and invests a couple of minutes.
> I'm already working as fast as I can, sir!

I know, I was hoping that some others might join the efforts of the
tireless package updaters :)
> > Debhelper 8
> I haven't needed to do this so far, as debhelper 7 seems to be fine
> for most packages 


> (and was the last major time an upgrade was
> warranted, since it gave us the short rules format).

And 7.0.8, and 7.0.50, and 7.2.13, and 7.3.7, and ... whatever is
documented in debhelper.pod :)
> That being said, however, debhelper 8 fixes the stupidity of
> preferring Makefile.PL when Build.PL was present (this happened in the
> older 7.x releases), so I am all for this change (as long as, of
> course, 8.x doesn't introduce any stupidities of its own).

At the moment I see 97 package with "8" in d/compat, and I'm not aware
of any problems so far.

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